Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
Chapter: Tense

03/20/2012 03:48 am
Oy! Please hurry and finish this bleedin' story, pet..

03/14/2012 03:29 am
I'm really enjoying this story, and I think that a lot of it is the way that you have the a characters act and respond to what's going on. It all seems very true to character, and I feel like things *could* have gone this way (if Joss had made Spike a little more patient!) I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

03/13/2012 03:31 pm
I really enjoyed the chapter and I'm looking forward to more. I'm waiting to see her reaction when she realizes it's Spike. I wanted to point out a typo or a general error. The poet's name is John Donne, not Dunn. It sound like Dunn, but it's not spelled that way. He's considered the preiminent metaphysical poet. I hope I didn't offend. 


03/13/2012 11:21 am
Someone likes Buffy, who hasn't been preapproved by the scooby's so of course it has to be the end of the world! Of course Tara and Anya left the room, they really didn't want to listen to their partners jealous ramblings about who might like Buffy. It doesn't make for a happy relationship when your partner is more concerned about the love life of a friend over their own relationship.

Why do I have a feeling that Joyce knows that Spike stops by but she isn't telling Buffy.  Spike isn't someone new to Joyce and she knows he is chipped therefore not dangerous. She might not know that he is leaving the gifts but she has probably seen him. Or it might be Dawn who is letting him in. Even though she has a crush on him she does think he is really cool so she might not mind that he likes Buffy instead of her.