A Nice Little Business by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1 Back Home

12/19/2014 12:26 pm
More please
I might well try and update after Christmas. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

08/28/2013 12:43 pm
I do hope that i wasn't any of Agnes' children that got dusted? Please don't wait too long to post an update, because I really need to know.
This second part of "The Unlife And Adventures of Agnes Pringle" seems even better than the first, at least after this first chapter. Leaving Sunnydale behind seems to have fueled your imagination even more.
Ah, glad you found it and pleased you enjoyed the beginning of Agnes' new adventure.  I will keep you posted when I write next part!.  

04/25/2013 07:54 am

I'm so glad that you chose Agnes and Spike's passing in Chosen for this story - what a great way to continue with Agnes, her vampire children and her great friendship with Spike.  I wish that you would continue with Agnes and this next phase of her life.  I have such love for your Agnes and now I know that I would love her kids as well and would hope that together they would sorta of continue Spike's own journey of learning how to get back his humanity. 

Thank you so much for your comments.   Not sure what the future holds for the children, but Agnes has got to discover Spike is alive very soon.

04/17/2013 02:01 pm
  Awwww, yay.  Love Agnes.
  Excellent beginning, she was well missed.
Thank you so much.  Delighted you like Agnes.

04/12/2013 10:22 pm
Thanks for writing a sequel!  The original is one of my favorites, and this one looks to be just as good!
I hope it will be when I get time to continue.  Must finish Santa Claws first, must finish Santa Claws first, repeat and repeat!!!!!

04/09/2013 02:56 am
Awesome!  We need more.  I'm so glad you brought Agnes back.  She's the best
I know!  But I have to finish Santa Claws and at least try and do a little more of Future Imperfect.  Not enough time!  Thank you for commenting.

04/06/2013 01:05 pm
What a joy to have Agnes back, thanks so much for writing her again.  Of course I love all the details of English village life and the WI, but face to face with Buffy and co I wonder how long she'll be safe!  Looking forward to more.
Good to hear from you.  Of course Agnes is hoping she won't see much of Buffy in England but until she knows Spike is still alive it's hard to know what she is going to do.

04/04/2013 11:56 pm
I've missed Agnes! So Agnes got a flash of Buffy dancing with the Immortal didn't she? Can't wait to see what's going to happen next.
I missed her too!  She needs to know Spike is alive!

04/04/2013 11:12 pm
How wonderful to revisit Agnes' life. Please do continue.
Thank you.  I think I must.  She won't let me rest otherwise.