Santa Claws by Lilachigh
Chapter: 19 Pressure

11/28/2013 03:06 pm
  You did a good job of selling confusion,  everyones thoughts are all over the damn place here.

  The Scoobies are definitely unlikeable in this story , not that I have a problem with that.  I had a really hard ti.e likeing Xander Willow and Giles at various times throughout the series, and reading what I have of the comics didn't really change the rather sour viewpoint I had on them by the time the series ended.  It's not that I don't like them as characters, I just think that watching BTVS for the first time in a marathon style left me with a lot less love for most of the ancillary characters than most long tim fans have.    I think there was just less time between episodes to forgive the characters when they were acting like idiots.

  Alright, that was long for no reason. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you end this wierd story.

11/27/2013 10:11 am
How Anya puts up with such a spectacularly dense Xander is beyond me, he really is a toad.  And now Spike and Buffy are facing off  -- YIKES!
It's all down to love, of course!   She loves him, faults and all.  Better get back to sorting out Buffy and Spike!   Thank you for taking the time to review. Much appreciated.

11/25/2013 10:47 pm

Poor Anya, you really feel for her, having to cope with all those pesky human emotions. Still, she's definately got a better grasp of human kidness than Xander. So hoping Tara's witchiness picks up on whatevers messing with B&S'. Things are looking desperate. Super update.

Thank you so much. Delighted you are enjoying the story.  Will update again very soon.

11/24/2013 11:31 pm

Pease update soon.

I hope to do so very soon. Thank you for your interest.

11/24/2013 11:30 pm
Ooooooooooooooooh! Hurry up, Xander & Anya! Do whatever you're going to do quickly, before it's too late!
Glad you are enjoying it.  Updating soon,

11/24/2013 08:15 pm
I think Xander needs to take a look at this. It's one thing for Buffy and Spike to not be a couple but they are about to fight to the death. Willow you really messed up this time. If they all live and get clear of the spell she put on them there will be hell to pay. Maybe Anya needs to leave Xander. Maybe that will be enough to get him to concentrate on his own love life instead of Buffy's. He has a great girl who loves him for some unfathomable reason and yet he can't give her his full attention and love because of his obsession with Buffy.
Thank you so much for your comments.  Glad you are enjoying it.  Will update again soon - I hope!