Hidden Agendas by angelic_amy
Chapter: Bombshell.

01/31/2006 10:56 pm
Fab story so far... I loved the line where Angel said the baby was his - super fab - Glad spike got to dust Jake... So loveley that he did that. heheh
Thanks Steph, so glad you like it. Everyone was glad that it was Spike that dusted Jake. LOL. He wasn't a very popular characters so I guess he lived his purpose. Thanks for the feedback sweetie!

10/05/2005 07:45 am
Hypocritical jerk! How dare Angel try to put this on Buffy or get mad at her because she started to date elsewhere when he FORCED her to by leaving and all that crap! Excellent chapter. Please update again soon!
LOL. That's kinda the reaction I'm getting from everyone. I'm GLAD you are enjoying it. More up soon.

10/05/2005 05:11 am
Ok, each chapter just keeps getting better and better. Damn I like this story. No, not like. LOVE. This line cracked me up ?Her babbling can sometimes even outrun my babbling and I?m pretty certain I?m the biggest babbler in the group.? Willow supplied. that is sooo Willow! More? I only ask cos I know you have it, you sneaky girl.
Yes I do have it. LOL. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you are enjoying this story so much. More will be up soon.

10/04/2005 09:16 pm
Excellent chappie. Hypocritical Angel gobbing off again - how many sex partners did he have? He'd have been pretty soiled by the time he Sanshu'd. Looking forward to more. Thanks.
BIG . I'm glad you're enjoying it. More up soon.

10/04/2005 08:54 pm
Angel is such a prat. Spike's the one who's done all the work, but will he be rewarded? no. Anyway, liked the chap, but missing the Spuffy
Yes he is being very prat like. More spufy coming, don't you worry.

10/04/2005 07:46 pm
excellent chappie. Thanks
No problem wulfe! more up soon.