No Rest For the Wicked by SMS by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Six

04/06/2014 04:21 pm
As much as Buffy does not want to admit it,  she has that possiveness thing going on for Riley.  ICK!  And probably Angel too.  Weird but it seems like once hers always hers in some way even though she's moved on.  
She does. Doesn't like to share her toys. lol  But, in her defense, it's not been that long since she considered Riley her boyfriend, so old habits and all that....

02/20/2014 02:36 pm

Well at least Riley's madness has made Xander face some truths. Personally wouldn't mind if Riley got sucked dry. Glad Sipe's coming home. Yay...

I was always very disappointed in Xander when he sided with Riley after he cheated on Buffy with vampires. So out of character for Mr. "OMG, he's a vampire, Buffy!"  

02/19/2014 08:02 pm
Great to have a new story from you - loved your voice for all the characters with the exception of Riley - he comes across a bit too dense in contrast to all the others.  

I'm also finding it really nice to go back into their history and not having the comic book seasons to deal with.  
Well, he was a little more willing to view Spike as a person in canon, and maybe just a tad slower to pick up on his feelings for Buffy, but mostly this is him being an insecure, jealous jerk and Buffy caring more about Spike.

02/16/2014 11:02 pm
The separation certainly hasn't harmed Spike and Buffy's friendship - love it - and Riley is completely off the rails - love that too!  Such fun!!!
Buffy and Spike, hawt sex aside, were friends before they were anything else. They need time to find that out.  Glad you're enjoying it.