A Better Thing I Do... by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chapter 1

02/11/2015 08:16 am
Such a good story. I love the ending. I was sitting here thinking that Buffy was crazy if she didn't go (my blood pressure was spiking - pun intended). It seems like a story that's ready-made for a sequel (please?).  Great job!
Thank you so much for comments. Much appreciated.  I think a sequel is likely, once I get Future Imperfect finished!

12/29/2014 01:07 am

Very good, if a bit sad.    Glad that Spike is alive (or undead), and that Buffy still cares, in spite of herself.   Thanks for a nice Christmas story.

Thank you so much for commenting. Much appreciated.

12/19/2014 04:25 pm
So powrfully Christmassy it gave me shivers, absolutely loved it!
Thank you so much.  I hoped the New Beginnings theme wasn't too much "in your face".

12/19/2014 02:29 am
Wow!  Buffy has some barriers that need to come down with Spike's help.  
Let's hope so!  Thank you for commenting. Much appreciated.

12/18/2014 10:26 pm
And there it is! Go get him, Buffy!  One Merry Christmas coming up. Nicely done.
Thank you once again for all your help.  Hope you didn't spot too many mistakes!

12/18/2014 07:12 pm

Fabulous stuff from you as always.  I can only agree with All4Spike's sentiments and chant hopefully: "Sequel! Sequel!  Sequel!"  But no pressure of course!

Thank you!  And I will absorb the pressure over Christmas and see what the New Year brings.  But I must rescue the twins first in Future Imperfect!

12/18/2014 04:38 pm

Please; please; PLEASE tell me that this is leading into a full-length story with Buffy, Spike & Angel in Sunnydale in the other dimension?
Thank you so much. Well, it was written as a one off, but my one-offs never seem to stay that way!