Bloody Well Through Playing by behind blue eyes
Chapter: Chapter One

05/20/2015 12:20 pm
odd story.
Um...thank you...I think? 

01/10/2015 07:19 pm
My feeling is this was a strong slayer dream.  Somehow Buffy did not end up going to the crypt that night but  Spike and Drusilla did get together unbeknownst to Buffy.   It is an excellent dark fic.  I hope you continue. 
Thanks so much, Joyce, for reading and reviewing my little one shot.  This was more of a Buffy dream, than a Slayer's dream.  Let me explain.  This was Spike's fantasy of what he wanted to happen if he'd truly followed through with, "bloody well through playing". Also, this was Buffy sharing Spike's fantasy, and Drusilla's vision of Spike's fantasy and Buffy's dream. So in essence, each of them shared a fantasy/dream/vision, and the section after the italized "Yes. God, yes" were each of their reactions to this fantasy/dream/vision.

Hopefully that more clarified than convoluted the fic.  Anywho, thanks for taking a chance on my little fic! 

01/08/2015 04:31 pm

VERY GOOD!    Would love to read more.   Thanks!

Thank you so much, momnesia!  I do have several other stories on this site.  Love to hear your thoughts about them.  (hint, hint)