Storm Warning by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 12 Twelve Hours

04/13/2015 02:27 pm
Oh, bad, bad Dawnie. Fun adventure turns into major drama nad potential apockylips. 
It's going to get messy!

04/13/2015 02:20 pm
That was so much fun, especially the last couple of lines.  Brilliant!
Thank you so much!

04/13/2015 04:17 am
Things just got a whole lot worse for Dawn. I just hope Angel doesn't kill Eddy cause mama would go nuts. Dawn you are so dead when you get back. It won't even be funny the grounding she will be in for. But Buffy and Spike share some of the blame. They've been too wrapped up in themsevles lately to notice what Dawn is doing.
Thank you.  And yes, I wanted to convey that Spike and Buffy's relationship is all consuming sometimes in a dangerous way.