Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: One

11/23/2016 03:16 am
I love how you right Buffy and Spike and I'm very much liking this Giles - Great to be reading SMS again. 
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for telling me so.

01/19/2016 09:17 pm
Buffy - never thinking that a simple "ask him" without all her hostility might get the same results or even better results - 
Nope. That wasn't her MO at the time.

07/28/2015 10:34 pm
Isn't it lovely without Riley sticking his oar in!  Giles was particularly drole I thought.
Ah well. It's not like Riley isn't around.

07/18/2015 07:11 am
Lovely start. Amazed that I don't think I've encountered this scenario in my 14+ years reading fan fiction. I can barely believe it's been that long! Love the Giles Spike dynamic.  Hoping for many more awkward moments as they find there way to each other.  Awesome. 
Thanks. I'm pretty surprised too, but I don't know that I have seen this particular twist. So, yay for the challenger!

07/16/2015 11:38 pm
Nice twist, with Spike saving Buffy from the self-stake rather than Riley (where's he?).
Looking forward to your version of the 'Death Wish' lesson from 'Fool For Love'.
Well, that was the challenge - what if it had been Spike. I have to say, I don't know that I've read that twist before, so how cool is that?    Next chapter has the lesson, although with less flashbacking and angst. 

07/16/2015 04:32 pm
This is my absolute fave episode that this fic is based around.  You usually have such neat titles.  Are you going to change this?   Will Riley intervene somehow and change events since he is the boyfriend?
LOL  I usually suck at titles. My former/sometimes beta Always_jbj has been responsible for many of them. In this case, not knowing exactly where it's going yet, I'm hesitant to call it anything. I will, eventually, though. Just have to wait until the right thing crosses my mind. I'm sure Riley will try to intervene - the question is, what will happen then? The premise itself has turned canon on its ear, so it just depends on how AU I want to go from here.