Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Ten

08/20/2015 07:56 am
You seem to do a lot of Riley-Buffy-Spike fics these days, and they all work--perhaps because you find plot points that clearly differentiate them from one another. This is no exception. I've enjoyed it (as well as the Nin chapter, an obvious allusion to Anais Nin, and yes, I'm joking, but meaning nothing nasty) and the twists you've cleverly worked on your theme. I can only hope Spike gets his chip out, given the amount of tension you've worked up around it, but it's fascinating in the meantime watching the relationships between the two pairings develop over time. And as usual, you don't make Riley an unreasaonable monster, but someone who is simply unequipped to deal with the situation he finds himself in. I've sometimes wondered why the series writers didn't give him a less stereotyped, more interesting resolution that showed future development, rather than the rub-it-in-her-face-and-destroy-Spike solution they resolved on. Much prefer your look into how things might have gone, in many different, interesting ways.
I'm so glad you're enjoying the fics. I do try not to revisit something unless I have a fresh slant, but I'm sure there's a lot of repetition in the early fics.  Thanks for reading and taking the time to tell me you enjoyed it.

08/16/2015 05:14 am

Loving this one.  Trying to catch up on all the great fic that has suddenly graced our fandom.  This one is top drawer (like you could do otherwise?).  

Have a great trip, enjoy and we'll be waiting for more when you're back.

Thank you, Kathleen.  There has been a real flurry of good stuff suddenly, hasn't there? It's so encouraging to know that there are talented people out there writing in our fandom - some old, some brand new.  Yay for new blood! (so to speak... lol)

08/15/2015 03:30 pm
Maybe Glory could knock some sense into Riley.  Spike was wonderful with Dawn, love their relationship.
Hmmm - what an idea - let Riley fight off Glory. LOL  Nah, not much of a contest, unfortunately.  I do like me some Spike and Dawn friendship.

08/14/2015 07:23 pm
Hate the long wait, now that you have spoiled us with regular chapters. But I'll be patience since it's such a god story and well written.
I hate to do that to everybody, but I really wasn't expecting it to get so long and thought I'd be able to stay ahead. *sigh*  Thanks for reading and understanding.

08/14/2015 03:27 pm
And it all seemed to be going so well. Silly Buffy, going off like that without backup.
And of course the poophead is stalking her, but perhaps just this once he'll be useful.
Does it seem to you that Buffy is a magnet for stalkers? First Angel. Then Spike. Now (here) Riley, then in S7 Wood tells her he's been 'watching' her while she's been patrolling and she reminds him of his mother... creepy or what...
I won't promise to be patient while I wait for the next update, but I shall be waiting....
Wow, I hadn't thought of that, but you're right. They've all stalked her to some extent.  Brrrrr!

LOL Nothing I can do about it. Thought it was going to be a much shorter story and I'd we well done with it by the time we left.   I promise to work on it at least a little while we're gone.