Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Eleven

09/15/2015 02:33 pm
At last Buffy is letting her common sense peep out.  Great fight with Glory, the bits of brain were particularly gory!
Poor Spike. I hope he can spare them. Worth it to lose the chip, though. 

09/08/2015 04:21 pm
I am so happy to see you back from vacation.  Hope you had a grand time!  It's a really good thing to see Spike chipless.   I have faith in his good heart even if Buffy doesn't.    And now he can protect himself from Riley if need be.  
Thanks. It was a lovely trip, if a bit exhausting.  

I tend to believe that chipless Spike, once he's fallen for Buffy, would be able to control himself most of the time. And I don't like seeing him helpless. That may or may not be a realistic viewpoint, but it's mine and I'm sticking with it.

09/06/2015 06:31 pm
The story is getting better by each chapter. 
Oh dear - but no pressure, right?   LOL  Thank you for thinking so.

09/06/2015 05:20 am
YAY and welcome back.  Great update.  I like this take down of Glory/Ben.  
Yes in canon as here Ben is culpable.  He knew what Glory was up to
and aided her on the way.  He was not an "innocent" human.  I wonder
what Buffy would think if Spike were to kill, say, Jeffrey Dahmer or Pol Pot
or another serial or mass killer?  Would she still think the villain was the

Excellent as always.
Thank you, Kathleen. <3

09/05/2015 08:11 pm
Excellent solution. Although it's unfortunate that Riley knows that the chip is out. He could be trouble...
I'm sure he will be....