Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Twelve

09/15/2015 11:46 pm
Captain Self-important certainly had an inflated idea of his charms!
He may be a mite over-confident.....

09/11/2015 04:56 pm
Riley's arrogance makes my skin crawl with the way he sarcastically says "Slayer".    Oh, boy, looks like the blank might hit the fan in the next chapter.   
LOL I think Buffy's got it under control. But she might have to go all Slayer on them.

09/11/2015 12:26 am
Good for Giles!
Oh, Riley, you arrogant twat. You just don't get it....
No, he doesn't.

09/10/2015 08:45 pm
Nice bluff Spike.  Naturally he won't kill them because he knows he would have no chance at all with 
Buffy.  Heck she even thinks they should have left Ben alive (duh???  Giles needs to explain shades
of grey to her and that not all humans/souled beings are okay).  

Loved her reaction to Riley and his desire to fight Spike.  Spike earned the chance to thrash them 
around a bit.  Her casual no killing comment and sitting down to watch was so funny.  The other
soldier with Riley had to be given food for thought over that and having seen what Spike actually
did do in the fight.

Very enjoyable update.
Thank you.