Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Seventeen

10/03/2015 07:27 pm
Ha to the Council flunkies, they can put that in in their pipes and smoke it!
Yeah, they're not going to get a lot respect from Buffy or Spike, I'm afraid.

10/02/2015 03:31 pm
Love the banter. Looking forward to the demonstration patrol, but I'm a little concerned what 'test' the mage intends to do on Dawn, and what the result might be...
Thanks. The patrol could be more exciting than they expected... LOL

10/02/2015 05:07 am
I really, really enjoyed this chapter.  The banter was a hoot and how they played the idiots from the council.

 I've always liked Lydia, she reminds me of fangirls of JM.  Nicely done.  

Dawn was a clever little minx too with the instant teen attitude.  I wonder about this mage though.  I doubt it will be that easy to gat rid of these clowns.

Ah well, we'll see. I think it might be tricky dislodging Lydia. LOL