Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Nineteen

01/30/2016 06:27 am
I like your Buffy with her bit of jealousy - nice chapter with them together at his crypt - plus, good line from Spike about Lydia not seeing the good man right in front of her.  

11/20/2015 01:22 pm
I love giggly love!!! 

10/10/2015 12:31 am
Swoooooonable speech from Spike, hopefully calm Buffy's jealousy ... a new experience for her.
It might calm her down a little....

10/07/2015 04:57 pm
A neat glimpse at the way that Willow's arrogance and hubris are already affecting her attitude to magic. She thinks people who have decades of experience of magic can't possibly teach her anything of value. And it's clear that Tara is already becoming wary of her.
Sweet moment between Buffy & Spike.
Wonder how soon the Council bods are going to confront them about thier relationship... which they are so bad at hiding.
Glad you enjoyed it. When you think about it, it's no wonder Giles (and others) thought Buffy was in love with Spike in season 7. His emotions were always visible, and Buffy's showed in the way she treated him. All they had to do was look and see what was under their noses.

10/07/2015 09:12 am
Tara nailed it in one, humility. That was the real story with Willow and magic.  Not addiction but character flaws.  A combination of insecurity from years of being looked down upon and excess pride in her magic skills.  Add to that the confidence in thinking she always knew the right answer for everything and everybody and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Starstruck Lydia watching Spike's soap is a hoot.

So I wonder how long before the Council catch on.  Spike needs to help Mr. Lovelorn Watcher and gain an ally!

Lovely update.
Exactly.   Lydia is being very silly - let's hope she gets over it soon.   Thanks!

10/07/2015 03:01 am
Great placement of Spike's canon speech!  Enjoyed the silliness at the end.  Hopefully George is not of a mind to tell Travers his suspicions.  
Thanks. I'm glad you had fun with it.