Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Twenty-one

10/13/2015 12:48 pm
Hope we'll be seeing the back of Lydia asap, though we can all understand her obsession!
Yes, it's easy to understand how she might want it so badly she imagines it.

10/10/2015 01:09 pm
Intriguing that Lydia, George and Nigel don't appear to know of the two slayers phenomenon...
I think Nigel knows about it, just didn't realize Faith was alive and thought the extra slayers were an aberration that came and went, leaving Buffy to carry on. George is muscle, so possibly not necessarily in on things that don't affect him. And Lydia is youngish and a researcher who focused on one particular vampire, so she's more interested in the slayers Spike has killed than which ones have come and gone since then. She may have known about Dru's getting rid of Kendra, but again, her focus would have been on Spike's having survived his fight with Buffy.

10/10/2015 05:55 am
I actually like Nigel and George.  I think they have the possibility of being like Giles and having a more open mind about all those "facts" the Council has wrong.  I think they actually like Spike and Buffy and that has to be good.

Wonder what that vamp was up to?  I almost expected Giles' car to explode (see another way Spike with the chip could have still killed his third Slayer if he wanted to!)

Lovely update.
I think alleys in Sunnydale probably aren't just safe places to park, even if you are an experienced watcher.  Vamps are lurkers.   And yes, there are so very many ways Spike could have found to kill Buffy if he wasn't so hung up on doing it the hard way.   The fact that he didn't, is one of those things that makes it possible to posit an early attraction, though, so we (writers) should be grateful for that logic laspse in canon.