Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Twenty-two

11/20/2015 02:33 pm
Oh thank god that's over!   Your lydia was a scary bint!
LOL A bit oblivious and focused....

10/13/2015 12:57 pm
I can understand how Spike's presence could lowe a gal's IQ but Lydia's performance verged on reaching new depths!  I thought Buffy was very restrained in the circumstances.  Well done Giles with concise explanations - should satisfy everyone.
That pesky "don't kill humans" thing. LOL  

10/10/2015 05:48 pm
Can't help thinking that Lydia has taken her humiliation a little too calmly. Wondering if she's going to engineer some kind of payback...
LOL I don't think clinging to her denial well past the point that any sane person would have given up is exactly calm. And running out, clutching her shirt shut.  And no, she's not that sort of person, just an easily deluded girl who's led a sheltered life.