Happy Ending by Sigyn
Chapter: Happy Ending

02/23/2016 07:37 pm
He's right, a happy ending in Real Life is a fantasy promulgated by romcoms and books. The happy ending of a film or book isn't an ending at all, but a new beginning when life goes on, and anything could happen.
And with Riley, the continuation wouldn't have been "happy" at all.

02/03/2016 02:15 am
Nicely written. Powerful dialogue. This really gets to the heart of issues with Riley.  I really love this quote

"Spike looked after her for a long moment, annoyed, disappointed, confused, feeling wildly alone, and hating her with a passion as fervent as his incredibly inconvenient feelings of love."

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole relationship in a nutshell at this stage. Thanks for reviewing!

02/02/2016 01:11 am
Oh, this was just heartbreakingly possible. Nice job.
Yeah, I try so hard to fit most of my stuff in canon. Thanks!

02/02/2016 12:11 am
Grim, and insightful for both characters. Great job.
Thank you very much!