I Would Still Have Loved You by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Chapter Six

04/21/2016 05:58 pm
That call with the commandos was too close.
Might not have gone well... but there were two of them.

04/12/2016 07:40 am
Can't help but think of Oliver - "Please sir, I want some more."  Nice chapter.  
Thank you.

04/11/2016 07:40 pm
Yeesh! What did they think Buffy was when they netted her?
Yup, Buffy has to break up with Riley before she can be with Spike. She's not the kind of girl to cheat. They haven't got serious yet, (or at least Buffy hasn't) so it shouldn't be too hard.

You might want to check the chapter. The first part of the Author's note at the beginning seems to be missing, then about half way through, a bit of Buffy's dialogue at the end of the exchange with Willow outside the dorm seems unfinished...
Buffy doesn't really need to break up  with Riley - but she has to figure out what to do that is going to cause the least change to the time line.  It would be Spike Buffy feels like she's cheating on (there go Riley's chances of getting laid - lol), but she's going to try to let Riley down easy.  
Thanks- yeah, when I copied I missed the first line/sentence. Thought I gone back and fixed it, but I guess I didn't. Ditto for that extra random J on Buffy's line. No idea where it came from. Typo on my part that I only caught on later posts. *sigh* Guess I'd better check them all.... Thanks again.