Together Again by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Prologue and Chapter One

09/17/2016 07:31 am
“You’re running a bite house!”
“I prefer to view it as a quid pro quo situation...”


I still love that. Your Drac is so oily, like a politician, one who will use language to justify anything and believe it so. And the entire story is great one, as I think I may have mentioned, before.
Thank you! I'm glad you're still enjoying it.

05/29/2016 09:24 pm
All business Buffy, she's making a fine leader.
She has her moments... Thanks for reading.

05/29/2016 05:19 am
The exchange between Buffy and Dracula had me chuckling all the way throuogh: his prevarications, poorly concealed lust, mercenary ambitions, and clear indications that he's got plans within plans within plans. And of course, her complete and understandable distrust of him. The dialog really flowed nicely.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

05/28/2016 01:51 pm
I only know the comics in the vaguest of ways from comments dropped by others, but I have no trouble following the story, except for not knowing what's happening with Spike. But then, Buffy doesn't either so I'll find out along with her.
Love the way that Dracula adapted to the new situation...
More please.
*nods* That's usually what I'm counting on. That there is so much conversation on LJ and other places about the comics, that most people have a rough idea what's going on - at least anything major or that got people so wound up they ranted about it. LOL Season 8 especially, because so many people had started out reading it and then bailed at different points along the way. I just kind of expect that most people know Spike showed up near the end in a steampunk spaceship manned by giant, intelligent bugs. And I just try to work any comic references in to a story in such a way that it won't matter it readers know the reference, or just think it's part of my made-up story.
Technically, I guess, I'd have to say this is set in the comics world - but it is only set there in the sense that it takes place many years after a few of those events - one of which I twisted to suit this fic.  Which was Spike. He did get saved, and in the last issue of season 8 he has been visiting Buffy on her fire escape (new back porch) from time to time. And then he becomes part of the gang by the time the next season begins.  So, this is really totally AU from comic canon except for Dracula and for Spike being around for the final fight.