Rift by Sigyn
Chapter: Rift

03/03/2020 04:35 am
I liked how you wrote Spike telling Giles off in this story and thanks for writing a brilliant idea.

09/22/2018 09:36 am
Love this most eloquent Spike.

12/21/2017 06:47 am
Excellent dialog, though I felt the last couple of lines a bit lacking in focus. Until then, great characterization, and really hard hitting.

01/06/2017 12:28 am
Loved this the first time and I still love it.
All the things that should have been said but weren't.
It's a really important little moment and Giles needs his worldview turned on its head.

12/29/2016 05:13 pm
lovely insights as usual.

Thank you!

12/14/2016 06:57 pm
Yay Spike! That really needed to be said.
I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting a follow-up from Buffy's POV after her overhearing that exchange....
Oh, I the follow up was probably the canon scene, I've learned all I can from you.

12/04/2016 09:46 am
Spectacular - I just love your eloquent Spike.
Isn't he clever?

12/02/2016 01:45 am
Go Spike! I wish he'd said at least some of that on the show.  Nice fill-in-the-blanks.
I wish SOMEONE had! Thanks!