Freedom by icemink
Chapter: 2 (Chapters 11-21)

Amazingly different. Thanks. :-)
05/19/2010 03:47 pm

06/04/2006 05:54 pm
ch 19 - excellant update - i can't believe buffy wants to ve a vampire - so strange!

Ch 20 - great chappie - good rationale for turning

ch 21 - good update - can't wait to see the next ch !

06/04/2006 05:36 pm
Chapter 17 - so happy the *itch is dead - evil evil human creature! *growls*

Chapter 18 - wow the evilness of the watchers council - I CAN NOT believe they did that to buffy. Of all the nerve... I am so glad spike killed them! Great story so far I am loving it!

06/04/2006 04:58 pm
Chapter 14 - That was hot, just freaking hot. Fans self!

Chapter 15 - NOOOOOO a gun - that isn;t allowed - hot scenes runs back to story!

Chapter 16 - starts chant (kill post, kill post) Loved the update!

06/04/2006 04:48 pm
Chapter 13 - WHAT? No killing of my spike - growls at Buffy - bad buffy - bad buffy! Growls more. Oh I did notice this - ". Before he'd gotten it completely off he hard the Slayer gasp," her instead of her. and By the way that was hot!

06/04/2006 04:44 pm
Chapter eleven - (back to reviewing more often stupid crashs....) Really good I liked the innocence of Buffy - Post did a number on her!

Chapter Twelve - please tell me that Post was one he killed in the motel. I feel so sorry for buffy!

05/10/2006 02:49 pm
vamp Buffy huh?

10/11/2005 11:21 am
Reread this one again. No new update, but I'm glad to see the repost here to the new site. LOVE this story. A very original Wishverse take on things. Such a cliffhanger though for us. {begs the muse to be kind to the readers and inspire the writer}

10/08/2005 08:20 pm
No new updates ::pouts:: I love this fic. and you're an evil cliffhangering person, to leave us like this. will buffy be good? bad? somewhere in between?