Randy Candy by Allison
Chapter: Fancy A Spin?

10/11/2009 09:16 pm
Was wondering if Angel would make an appearance in this fic.  Love the timing!

09/09/2007 06:07 pm
Cop cars in SunnyD must be very comfortable. And, oh no. Angel.

08/31/2006 02:43 pm
oh great....*rolling eyes at angel*...i wonder how much he knows an what he'll say...wonder what's gonna happen next? great job

06/27/2006 10:16 pm
Poor spike and ahhh angel - make him go away!

10/11/2005 04:17 pm
Uh oh ... badness ... Angel saw. I wonder if he saw the whole kissing thing ... oh boy {quickly grabs the next chapter.}

10/10/2005 04:58 am
oh god, can we dust Angel now???