Randy Candy by Allison
Chapter: Dodging Advances

10/11/2009 09:27 pm
Good show for Spike putting the worry bug into Angel...

09/09/2007 06:11 pm
So no training today? - LOL the Quality of Mercy is not Buffy.

Loved the Spike/Angel argument.

08/31/2006 02:46 pm
you write angel very well...wnder if he's gonna try anything to stop spike from getting with buffy...wonder what spike's gonna do next...great chapter

06/27/2006 10:17 pm
shakes head at Angel - already trying to run her life

10/11/2005 04:22 pm
Angel all miserable and icky with thoughts of Spike and Buffy? Definitely "of the good". {smirks}

10/10/2005 05:01 am
ohhhh, might be better than a dusting (big happy smile)