Return to You by Thianna
Chapter: 11 - Hiding

09/05/2006 05:11 am
so very surreal...but excellent

11/20/2005 09:52 pm
oh yeah I think I love this fic freakin awesome read

11/20/2005 03:12 pm
Is this how the PTB have arranged the Shanshu? WTF is Giles going to test? More story please.

11/20/2005 03:12 pm
I'm a little confused but I'm sure things will reveal themselves as the story progresses. You're just whipping this fic out! good job.

11/20/2005 12:22 pm
Excellent chapter update. You have us all twisting and twisting around trying to figure out what will come next. Look forward to more. Collin talking to Spike in his dreams now ... that added another little puzzle piece. Nice work.