Spike's Will be Done. by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Cemeteries

08/01/2010 08:12 pm
It's a cold, stormy kind of day here and I felt like re-reading an old favorite.  And you know?  It hold up just as well!

Miss the days of your buffy-verse stories!

08/19/2007 03:36 pm
Oh this looks interesting.
Thank you! I hope you like the rest.

07/15/2006 11:01 pm
Always hated that she even gave Xander's suggestion a brief moment of thought. You got to know how desperate he was to think about doing a spell. Poor Spike. Like where this is going. Thanks for the read.
Thank you!

Yeah, of course it was perfectly natural, her having spent a significant amount of time with Spike and knowing him fairly well, that she would just accept the groundless accusation of a bigot who barely knows him...

Some of canon makes very little sense.

06/24/2006 01:47 pm
I have read this story before but decided to reread again. This is a very compelling start to a beutiful story. I love how Spike can't believe that Buffy truly doesn't see him. His need for oblivion in this chaper after the revelation is poignant. This is an incredable fic and great beginning!
Hi honey!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely reviews. I don't mind at all if they all come in together. I love it when someone just doesn't want to stop reading and I will answer them all later today/tomorrow. For now, I'm trying to beat the muse into submission to see if it'll come up with a ficlet for someone's birthday before it's no longer the 24th in New York. What can I say? I always end up leaving things until the last moment.

06/20/2006 02:49 pm
wow...this could get really interesting...don't really know why i haven't started reading this one before, but i have a feeling i'm going to enjoy it
Thanks, honey!

don't really know why i haven't started reading this one before
Em, well, the fact that the series (5 "books" in total) runs to 275 chapters seems to put some people off.

but i have a feeling i'm going to enjoy it
I hope you do!

03/30/2006 10:22 pm
so far so good
Thank you! I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed it enough to keep reading and reviewing.

11/28/2005 05:06 am
I so glad to see this here, I love this fic so much. And seeing as it's going up I figured I can read it from the beginning again. lol
You glutton for punishment, you! And of course it's thanks to our mutual friend C, who volunteered to post it for me when I said I was thinking of catching up with the posting after I finish off the series, that it's appearing here... Hugs her and you.

11/27/2005 05:29 pm
I would recommend this story to anyone. This is the first part of a truly fantstic series that just gets better and better. It's pure genius that satisfies on every level. I love it and I defy anyone to read it and not be overwhelmed. This writer is up there with the best. If Scotland could pay footie like this lassie writes they would have won the World Cup long ago.
And don't I wish they had. I'd be happy if they'd just qualify now and again. Thanks, honey!