Spike's Will be Done. by TalesofSpike
Chapter: Chapter 10 - All's Well. (d. The Gang's All Here)

01/22/2015 07:19 pm
nice way to end the chapter - 

03/27/2010 06:45 pm

08/20/2007 01:33 am
OH what Spike gave Xander was nice and Anya points to Xander were good too.
Anya makes sense a lot more of the time than anyone gives her credit for. A millenium plus of experience has to count for something.

Thanks again

07/16/2006 06:23 am
They took them down and Buffy didn't even break a nail thanks to her new beau. Now to have fun. Almost done. Thanks for the great chappie.
Thanks again!

Yep, couldn't have Warren and his mates roaming around free. That way lies a world without Tara, which was one of the things I had to "fix".

06/24/2006 04:15 pm
*grin* I love Anya! You have written her beutifully in this story! I enjoyed taking care of the nerd herd - hopefully this will prevent the incident with Warren shooting Tara. I love this story!
Thanks! I love Anya too, especially after writing the Ganya fics. And as you've probably guessed Tara makes it all the way through to the very end of the series. No point saving her now to kill her off later.

Thanks again!

06/23/2006 05:08 am
i love anya...and i love how the gang took out the nerds...and tara's okay!!! yea!! love your alternate ending to that chapter of the show...on to the epilogue
Thank you!

Saving Tara was definitely one of my prime objectives with this "little" fic (when it still was just a little fic before I had that ridiculous epilogue idea). I've always loved that character and I thought the only reason she was shot was for shock value. Not really a good reason in my book. Smooches Tara and yea for having her around for another four books' worth of fic.