Splinters by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1 Steps

09/24/2016 08:04 am
Nice pleasant Buffy - always so focused on her Spike dislike - 

05/01/2009 08:26 pm
Very cute! 

10/03/2007 01:17 am
His! No one else should ever hurt her but him. Oh yeah. LOL at Eeyore's fables.

How nice to see a review for Splinters - the first thing I ever wrote so dear to my heart!
Glad you enjoyed it.

03/04/2006 02:14 pm
i love buffy tending to spike's wounds, even after all that's gone on between them that night!! those two were in denial for a while, weren't they? great start!!

03/04/2006 12:18 am
LOL - Spike is such a lunk head.

01/01/2006 09:27 am
good beginning. love the chapter ending. thanks

12/26/2005 08:06 am
She is always the bitch. {Shakes her head} Good start to this one. Liked this first chapter. Analogies were good too about the splinter, lion's paw, etc. I see a second chapter is up. So, I'm going to head to that one too.
thanks for reading this one. My first ever fic, so special to me.

12/19/2005 08:38 am
This is giggles. Buffy and her imaginary heroine getting the thorn out of the lion's paw and Spike acting all whiny.
So glad you are enjoying story. Will post more soon.