Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 2 - Comfort

07/08/2006 06:18 am
If Spike takes Elizebeth, does he has to share her as well? Very good chapter.

02/16/2006 05:34 am
i like how Spike was with Darla, not letting her intimidate him... but I have a bad feeling about Angelus, he didn't get back at Spike just then, so he's gonna try to use the girl Spike wants against him...on to next update now still great

01/03/2006 12:59 pm
Definitely a fic worth continuing. I look forward to the udpates.

01/01/2006 12:08 pm
can we dust Angel again? *nods* and Dru for good measure.... and Darla just cause she has an annoying voice *nods again*