Master by Aurora
Chapter: Chapter Thirty-Never Leave Me

06/23/2007 09:31 pm
awwww, glad they've finally got a plan, that seems likely to work...great chapter, love :)

07/24/2006 05:56 am
Didn't think that Giles said that about Buffy's future to hurt him, I think that he cares about her future. Poor Xander he so needs to get laid. Great read, thanks.

01/18/2006 06:00 pm
Great chapter. Love Xanders little comment at the end there, that was just hilarious.

01/18/2006 04:14 pm
Wonderful update of this one. I truly hope that Spike doesn't let Giles' words get to him. Spike and Buffy need to work things out on their own without Cordy, Giles or anyone else interferring. Look forward to more.

01/18/2006 03:33 pm
Great update, hope Spike doesn't let Giles' opinion affect him. Buffy loves him that's what's important not some theoretical normal life.