Master by Aurora
Chapter: Chapter One- A Whole New World

04/23/2007 11:43 pm
wow...the way he's acting is such a contradiction in terms, being so gentle and yet so degrading to her at the same time...i'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes...thanx for writing this, love, great job so far :)

07/20/2006 09:27 am
This is good, really good. I'm going to try and read as much as I can morning. Very interesting story. Thanks for the read.

01/09/2006 11:21 am
Great beginning. The Master-Slave thing made me shiver, but his ministrations to her were excellent...just knowing it's to good to be true. thanx luv.

10/26/2005 12:26 pm
Don't know how or when I missed this one, but somehow did, to my chagrin. Very good story, well-defined characters, and excellent "flashbacks" into Spike's life before Buffy, although sparse. Hope to read more soon...

09/27/2005 07:59 pm
OMG! I just found this story last night and have been reading it ever since. It is amazing! I hope you update again soon!

09/27/2005 07:58 pm
I love your fic! I just found it today and did a marathon read...couldn't put it down! Please update soon!!

Superstes Diligo
09/27/2005 07:56 pm
Hell Yes! what an entrance! Love it! hope you update soon!

09/27/2005 07:55 pm
(chap 25) Reunited! and it feels so good! sorry had to break into song. Silly Buffy - never been good at the splainy has she.

chanel 5
09/27/2005 06:46 pm
that was so sad. I hope Spike finds Buffy soon.

09/27/2005 06:45 pm
I just love this story and I wait anxiously for the updates. I feel so much sorrow for Spike and Buffy.

09/27/2005 06:44 pm
OMG! Damon is still alive and the Scoobies have Buffy. Hope you give us more soon. I hope Spike gets Buffy back.

09/27/2005 06:43 pm
*up to chap 24* Really, really enjoying this story. The Spike in sunlight thing is very interesting. But then he's distraught over Buffy being gone. Couldn't he smell the scent of the human 'rescue squad'?? Nice that Buffy is reunited with Cordy...but I can't wait for the Spike/Buffy reunion.

09/27/2005 06:43 pm
I just found this story and stayed up all night to read all the chapters. I think it is great and so looking forward to updates!

09/27/2005 06:42 pm
Holy cow! That was a frigging awesome fight scene chapter. Spike being able to walk in the sun is great, and I'm wondering why it happened & what will become of it. Spike's heart is broken now that Buffy is gone. I hope that it was Buffy who saved Natasha. I hope that Buffy can get across to the others that she doesn't want Spike killed. I wonder what will happen now with her. She wanted to be free, but will she be happy being free? Will Buffy realize that Spike was just afraid to let her go for fear that she wouldn't return. Look forward to the next update.

09/27/2005 06:41 pm
It was the Scoobies, wasn't it? Come on. It's gotta be.

09/27/2005 06:40 pm
Ah the calm before the storm! Such lovely tension between Spike and 'slave'Buffy - such lack of communication. Love the journal entry at the beginning. Very nice chap.

09/27/2005 06:39 pm
I hope you are going to give us more of this story. I am praying for Spike. He's got the stupid Scoobies after him besides the creep Damon. He's also got himself tangled up with Blockhead Buffy.

09/27/2005 06:39 pm
Really good update - nice bridge between the climax of the previous chapter and to what you have coming next. You have Giles questioning his previous dealings with Spike - granted Spike did kill his Slayer. Still you have shaken his assumptions. Xander = the voice of reason - say it aint so! lol - funny that he was the one who said that attacking the house of the vampire that was just tortured by Giles was a bad idea. such an impasse for Buffy & Spike. Interested in seeing how you resolve.

09/27/2005 06:38 pm
I love this story, so many twists and turns, can't wait for the next ch. Love the angst makes the make up part so much sweeter.

09/27/2005 06:37 pm
Awwww just when i thought the angst was over for a bit!!!! hope they get together soon and *stay* together!!!!!!!!!!!

09/27/2005 06:35 pm
Dang, so close but yet so far in this relationship.

Forever Luv
09/27/2005 06:34 pm
I love it when Spike gets a taste of Buffy!!! So sweet...anyway, all that im reading and it kinda gave me clues that Buffy might be becoming a Slayer...if soo..ROCK ON!!! can a normal girl live with a vampire ..that would mean no rough sex!!!...heheheheh...anyay. i love this story and im glad Spike and Buffy finally see the real thing! Forever Luv

09/27/2005 06:33 pm
Lovely update Aurora! I LOVED her feeding him... so sweet! I had to laugh at her attempt at telling him what he meant to her... that's our Buffy... she never can get the words right can she!? It's a good job Spike worked out what she meant.

09/27/2005 06:33 pm
Hi Aurora, I actually read these at your site lol(I was too impatient to wait) but couldn't find anywhere to reveiw!! Excellent chaps!!! I loved that Giles realised that Spike loved Buffy and was about to let him go... and that Spike didn't kill him even though he could have. I am so pleased that Buffy has finally realised how much Spike means to her... and I am just dying to see what happens in the next chap!!!

Superstes Diligo
09/27/2005 06:32 pm
Squeee! go Spike! *sigh* I wish i had a boyfriend like that!

09/27/2005 06:31 pm
Ah, our antihero is taking a bit of a beating. It makes you feel badly for Giles and him. Buffy is in quite a tight spot. I wonder when Daemon will try to capitalize on it. Good job. :)

09/27/2005 06:30 pm
luving it huni... bad Giles!!! keep it coming :D

chanel 5
09/27/2005 06:29 pm
well done. you wrote this scene very well, I'm all concerned for buffy and for spike. can't wait for an update.

09/27/2005 06:28 pm
Excellent chapter. Poor Spike... **sniff** I can't wait to see how he gets out of this one... and gets back to Buffy!!! Very much looking forward to your next update!

Superstes Diligo
09/27/2005 06:27 pm
Aw... Can't wait for more! *mentally supporting our two favourite 'not-so Blondes'*

09/27/2005 06:26 pm
LOved the update! I really like Vincent. And I am glad that Buffy finally realised that she doesn't want to lose Spike. Her reading his journal for comfort was a lovely touch. I am very much looking forward to the next update.

09/27/2005 06:25 pm
Poor Buffy and poor Spike. I am anxious to see what Giles has done with him. Good chapter. :)

09/27/2005 06:24 pm
i just remember why i don't read WIPs. now i remember. cliffhangers are killers! lol. but really, great job and updates are my food. especially updates for this story, they're like... the pie of my food. :)

09/27/2005 06:23 pm
Agh, evil cliff ending must know what happens. Hope Damon gets the betting and torture he so rightly deserves

09/27/2005 06:23 pm
Terrific twist. 'Can't wait to see how it ends.'

09/27/2005 06:22 pm
WOW! great chapter... cant wait to see what happens to Buffy now cya xx

09/27/2005 06:21 pm
ohh poor guys!!! make it all better soon? LOL cant wait to see the warehouse go down... dont kill Spike k? LOL cya xxx

09/27/2005 06:20 pm
AWWW cant you just put them together already!!!!!!!!!!! JEEEZ this story has the most cliffies i have ever read!!!

09/27/2005 06:19 pm
ARG!!! Those two are so infuriating! That's why we love them so much! Keep up the good work.

09/27/2005 06:18 pm
Wow. Powerful. I am SO pissed off right now. Lol, the reason? This story isn't finished, hehe. You know, that when a story is good, you're pissed off when it's not finished, or a WIP in a good place.

09/27/2005 06:17 pm
luv it huni oooh interessting more soon cya xxx

09/27/2005 06:16 pm
I really enjoyed the update... can't wait to see what happens next!

09/27/2005 06:15 pm
Great chapter. I love how someone is betraying Spike! Love the chem between the vamp and Buffy! Keeep it up!

09/27/2005 06:14 pm
Power Hungry Damon to the forefront. Good update. LIked the interaction with Spike and Buffy. Look forward to see what is going to happen next. Hope we get to see Damon as Dust and Spike and Buffy working it all out.

chanel number 5
09/27/2005 06:13 pm
fantastic! This is the most realistic kidnapping fic I've ever read. Can't wait to see what happens next!

09/27/2005 06:13 pm
This is bloody amazin'! I love the new twist to the whole Buffy/Spike relationship. This is truly a spin I haven't read before. Keep up the excellent work!

09/27/2005 06:12 pm
i LUV this. its absolutely brilliant! :D :D more soon huni... cya xx

09/27/2005 06:11 pm
totally LOVE this fic!!!!!! i hope you update soon!!! *whines* I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!

09/27/2005 06:10 pm
I really enjoyed what you have written so far! I LOVE your Spike... he is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see what happens next!

09/27/2005 06:09 pm
very good story and I agree with BSB about Spike-it's very nice to know him this way.Now you must just update soon and I'll be content.

09/27/2005 06:08 pm
Reading that all in one go and then tbc there. Just wow. This story is so amazing. Of course, I almost groaned when I read about the Scoobies. They ALWAYS manage to mess things up. It just can't end well if they're involved. And here Spike actually is the enemy. So, I am holding my breath wondering if Buffy will be able to love Spike back.

09/27/2005 06:07 pm
Aww, I do love this fic. It's nice to see this 'other' side of Spike. Can't wait for more!