Freedom by icemink
Chapter: Chapter 25

So sweet with the cartoon. :-) and hot!!
05/19/2010 04:15 pm

06/04/2006 06:28 pm
Buffy as a vampire watching cartoons - LOL I love it!

02/23/2006 04:32 pm
He tries to act all nonchalant and big and bad with his There wasn't a new episode to tape anyways when he's talking about taping cartoons for Buffy. That was cute. Nice passionate joining in the clothing store. Her freaking and realization that she won't show up in mirrors anymore was very realistic and true to character. Excellent addition to the chapter.

01/25/2006 11:31 pm
I really enjoy your story. Great characterization, you always do that

01/25/2006 08:02 pm
He he! She wants to watch cartoons. Fantastic chap! Will be waiting for the next one.

01/25/2006 05:21 am
I liked the scene in the changing room, hehe