Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 6 - Winged Angel

07/08/2006 07:19 am
I guess Angelus, Darla, and Dru are a kinder, gentler group in this story, I keep expecting them to start bitting and riping at her as she would be shared among them. I like the peace between them, it's nice for a change. good chappie.

05/17/2006 06:12 pm
this is beautifully written, and fascinating to think of buffy in this way...very very good story, though i am just now picking it up again after a long break on to the next chapter

01/26/2006 04:37 pm
HUM... Interesting chapter. They are all an interesting bunch of ppl. can't wiat to read more.

01/26/2006 05:38 am
I hope Elizabeth works out for Spike. I'm afraid that her demented sire will make her want Angelus.

01/26/2006 04:35 am
He is such a ponce *sticks out tongue*