Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 8 - The Party Goes On

07/08/2006 07:48 am
Does Angelus only feed on the elite and everyone else gets servants? Darla's the head of the clan not him, the wanker. Another great chapter.

05/17/2006 06:22 pm
im absolutely aghast..i mean..i know spike was evil, but...man...that was harsh...fascinated though, and reading on

02/01/2006 06:29 am
Pretty bloody. How will Spike keep Sera from Angelus and Darla and their perversions?
Sera is shaping up to be quite a vampire, thankfully she listens to Spike more than the other members of their family.

02/01/2006 04:26 am
Can we dust Angel and the wenches yet?