Master by Aurora
Chapter: Chapter Thirty-One- Save Your Scissors for Someone Else's Skin

06/23/2007 09:37 pm
awww, at least he's not going into battle thinking she hates him....great chapter, pet, looking forward to the end :)

07/24/2006 07:08 am
I'm so sorry that I forgot who's story I was reading, Aurora. Just finished reading the last three ch. of Lilachigh's Future Imperfect before I came over here. Again my sincere apologies. This is a great story and I meant no disrespect to you.

07/24/2006 06:25 am
So Giles really did want to stick it to him, figured with the battle hours away he didn't want to mess with his mind. So glad you had Buffy let him know that it was ok. Spike needed his swagger back. Great chapter Lilac.

07/19/2006 02:35 pm
Good to see this updated!

03/23/2006 08:58 am
Whoo hoo ... go kick their arses. Xander, Oz and Spike should like an interesting trio to do it too. I so look forward ot when you are inspired to continue this one.

03/13/2006 04:01 am
This is an excellent fic. I read the entire thing today, and was so involved with it that I forgot that it wasn’t complete, please, please, please update soon. :)

03/12/2006 06:33 pm
Bloody cliffhangers grrrr arrrrggggh *pulls out hair*

02/22/2006 01:24 pm
Showdown at OK corall coming up :)

Can't wait

just sue
02/22/2006 10:40 am
A very welcome update to this super story. Looking forward to the upcoing battle and wondering how Spike will deal with the whole mating thing after - as long as our pair are both left standing, that is!

Thanks ever so.

Pulchra Nex
02/22/2006 08:16 am
*cheering from the side-lines* Kill-Kill-Kill! Go Spike!