Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Changes.

09/09/2006 11:48 pm this stranger her watcher in this dimension? my heart is breaking for her, it's got to be so very strange...excellent chapter, love
Ah, Nicolas. You'll find out soon enough. *grins* Poor Buffy certainly is thrown by being back, and lump all the changes I'm going to throw at her and it's going to be extra difficult. Glad you liked the chapter, thanks for the review!

09/06/2006 01:14 pm
rereading to gte caught up - so curious to what happened with the watchers! I cant wait to find out what is going on!
You'll find out soon enough! Glad that you're reading this AND that you're enjoying it. Thanks for the review sweetie!

07/11/2006 10:10 am
*falls over* My best friend Aimee loves Shiraz.... and she happens to be a redheaded wiccan.... *blinks then quakes in fear* lol
Really? LOL. That's kinda funny!

06/10/2006 07:29 am
Girl, this is getting better by the second! The town? no Giles? an incapacitated Tara? This is great stuff!
I'm so happy to hear you think so! The changes are pretty drastic and they're just going to get more so!

05/28/2006 12:08 am
Ooooh. Nice twist with the change in watchers—totally didn’t see that one coming. Still loving this different, darker world!
This fic is going to be very much with the twisty, so not expecting things is of the good! Thanks for the review.

03/04/2006 02:01 am
blinks ... but what do you mean there is no more. blinks blinks ... but i want more.... I stayed up and everything to read this and there hads to be more.... refresh.... refresh.... still no more... Amy..........
Sorry Steph! LOL. More's been put up now. And you get to meet another new character, so go read!


02/25/2006 01:03 am
Does this universe have a different watcher? Is this just a visitor? More story please.
Ah... Nicolas. You'll find out more about him in the next chapter. Glad you liked, more up soon.

02/24/2006 03:49 pm
Good story! It sounds like Buffy has really ended up in a screwed up world. I am dying to see why she had changed so much in that world and where Dawn and Xander and Giles are. Please update soon!
Thank you. The place she has ended up is VERY different from the one she knows and that will become so much more apparent with the coming chapters. Dawn, Xander and Giles will be explained soon, I promise.

02/24/2006 02:22 pm
Hmm... I wonder who this new watcher guy is?  Or, is it a twisty sort of thing?  Loved how you went into detail with the emotions within each character!
You'll find out more about the new guy in the next chapter. I'm glad you liked the details, I wanted it to be VERY clear how Buffy and Spike were both feeling with this situation.

just sue
02/24/2006 10:04 am
Excellent! Poor Buffy. poor Spike and who the hell is Nicholas? And what happened to Giles and... Yep, many questions which I shall look forward to being answered in due course.

Thanks ever so, Amy. Really looking forward to more. xxx
Thanks Sue! Nicolas? You'll find out more about him in the next chapter. And Giles. And I'm not telling you anything else! LOL. More up soon. *hugs*

02/24/2006 03:04 am
oooh, very interesting! I was right about Tara-- she never got fixed in this world. And I'm guessing Giles went home to England? Looking forward to finding out what's going on here!

You really captured poor Buffy's sense of disorientation well. ouch!
Yes, you were right about Tara. It's sad isn't it? As for Giles, more about him in the next chapter! I'm glad you thought I wrote Buffy well, it was difficult. More up soon.

02/24/2006 02:36 am
good update, but need much more. thanks for the read.
LOL, more is coming! Thank you for reviewing.

02/24/2006 12:02 am
Thank you.