When Worlds Collide: The Journey by enigma_k
Chapter: Chapter 1: We Go Not Gently Into the Night

02/27/2008 05:02 am
What a fun story with great integration of Buffy w/ LOTR.

03/29/2006 07:04 am
{claps and cheers} YEAH!!! You started the second book! {bounces up and down happily} Excellent start. You really mingle everything in so well from the movies and the Buffy characters. I am always amazed by it.

03/21/2006 05:27 pm
Dispair. . . . . he'd faced years without her. . . but its not always better to have loved and lost. . . . sometimes its better not knowing what you missed. But in this case, he's luck, because if you killed her off, there's no need to continue. . . .

03/03/2006 05:45 am
beautiful melding of the two stories. thanks for the read.

02/25/2006 04:28 am
I'm happy you have started Book II. I'm greedy though and want more.

Batdz Angel
02/24/2006 08:28 am
Yay, the next part! I have been waiting for this to be continued and cannot wait to read the rest of what you have in store. Kudos!

02/24/2006 05:26 am
I've been a good girl, I have. I've sat here nice and quit, not made a single sound. Just waiting for you to post. Thank you for the update. Please I'll be very good. Can I have another one soon?

02/24/2006 04:11 am
Awww... Spike's so sweet!! Erm... yeah... probably not the review you were expecting... *LOL* Sorry; this is a great melding of the two stories! I am loving this whole series of yours; the way you take the dialogue from the movies and manage to insert the Sunnydale crew into it so well is just amazing. I really really hope you update soon!

02/24/2006 02:02 am
Oh yeah I love this fic :P

I love the way you have blended these universes and lol, Buffy with the Ent's??

02/24/2006 01:59 am
Great chappy.