Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart
Chapter: Chapter 1 – Powerful Positive Stimulus

12/27/2006 09:40 pm
Ooh! Very verrry interesting. I like it already!

12/27/2006 03:40 am
Was going to read Invite Me in until I saw it was a sequel so here I am reading this one instead. What an interesting idea. Don't know how far I'll get tonight but I'll sure try to read as much as I can. Thanks for the read.
Thanks for all the reviews. Can't take credit for the idea, since it was challenge (the sequel is in response to another challenge).

03/08/2006 07:47 am
This was a wonderful chapter! Need to go read more.

02/27/2006 07:11 am
heh. Awesome start!! And thank you for posting the whole thing at once!! *rushes off to read the next chapter*

02/27/2006 01:27 am
nice start

02/26/2006 08:33 pm
hmmm..very intriguing idea...i don't trust walsh though...on to the next chapter