Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 14 - We Belong

05/17/2006 07:00 pm
oh no....is angelus gonna hurt sera? i need to read more!! you actually had me feeling quite sorry for dru there...but angelus is getting worse and worse great chapter

02/28/2006 09:33 pm
Hmmmm. Was the girl merely a distraction while Angelus and whoever else do what they had in mind for Sera? More story please.
^_^ All I'll say right now is that the girl is pretty significant.

02/28/2006 07:03 pm
love the update. I so can't wait to find out more. And what a treat to see them with claim marks directly over Dru's.
Thanks. Yup... wanted Spike and Sera to belong to each other completely.

02/28/2006 10:59 am
Nice chapter. An evil cliffy too
Thanks. Just a little evil cliffy.

02/28/2006 05:44 am
Who cares if Dru is being her usual pissy self? And death to Angelus! lol
^_^ I agree 100%

02/28/2006 04:50 am
so angelus is plotting! great update. thanks
Thanks. just a tiny angelus thing.