Don’t Press Send by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1

BecomingChosenGirl13 (JULIE)
01/12/2008 08:12 pm
Whoops.... I haven`t published any mean comments here, and not going to either after reading how much it hurts to get a mean review... If i ever write something mean in a review, you`re intitled to send Spike after me... Pleas do anyway:9.... #Locking my inner Cordy ho in a cage and throwing away the key, before smashing my fingers with a ruler#.....

BecomingChosenGirl13 (JULIE)
01/12/2008 08:04 pm
Yay!! Dawn smashing!, even though i hate Dawn, it was relly sweet to read spike trying to cheer her up a bit. I`m sometimes one of the really bitchy reviewers so it was kind off a thought-y thing for me to read this story....
Memmo to self: start caring about other peoples feelings and don`t mimmick cordelia....

08/06/2007 10:30 am
Am enjoying reading through all your stories on this site. (Tried the link the other night, but kept getting an error message). So nice to have them all in one place for easy access!

I don't understand the mentality of some people. I am always so grateful that creative and talented people write for the pleasure of us all! Wish I could, and wonder if those who post with venom, rather than constructive points are secretly jealous and trying to puff up their own wee egos?

I especially like that this is written quite plainly - no over-the-top emotional drama. I think it's more powerful that way, and brings home the pathos and hurt in a beautifully simple fashion.
so pleased you managed to find the stories. Glad you like this one - certainly one of my own favourites.

08/05/2007 12:23 pm
Trite and boring.
*Waits for Spike....*
Oh fine then!
Great fic! I think we all know how that feels. I once got a nearly nasty review that completely stopped me writing parody fics. Though, I did write a few too many...
Do hope you didn’t find it trite and boring all the way through! Oh no, you liked it once Spike arrived. Good.

11/20/2006 10:48 pm
Good Work.
Glad you enjoyed it.

11/04/2006 06:34 pm
I liked this story, I used to write fan fiction too and a person told me once that he prefered to go to hell than to read other of my stories ever again, I admit that I cried and stop writing fot a while but I did wrong, I realized he was just cruel and then I started again, you cant stop just because ONE person says you should
Hi Karla, that is precisely the reason I wrote this story. Construtive crits - or even someone saying they dislike a story - are fine, but not flaming, especially by people who don’t write themselves.
Glad you enjoyed the story and keep on writing.

05/10/2006 10:48 am
Fabulous little fic. I think we have all been on the receiving end of the nasty-for-the-sake-of-it reviewer and know just how Dawn felt.

Apart from the obvious joy of Spike style justice for bad reviewers I also love the way you showed Spike's protective feelings for Dawn. He loved her deeply, as he did all the Summers women and I think that over the summer that Buffy was gone he would have been EXTREMELY protective of her. His panic as he came barging into the house and then quickly dismissing the others to go straight up to Dawn is so Spike-like.

Dawn's pain rang clearly too... her loss of her sister and then the additional hurt caused by callous, unfeeling words was palpable.

Thanks for a wonderful read.
thank you for the nice review. I wrote it because of a snarky review I got for one of my fics saying that Riley would never have behaved the way I had written him behaving. Fair enough, personal opinion, but the tone was scalding! I suddenly decided that authors really do not need to sit back like tame little victims and take flaming on the chin without fighting back! I’m old enough and ugly enough to brush it off but I’ve been amazed by the number of personal e mails I’ve had from people who said they almost or did give up writing because of harsh reviews.

03/24/2006 11:33 am
Constructive criticisms are one thing ... flaming is so much different. I hope that this was not inspired by a run in you had with a flamer. {Frowns} Some people frost my cookies for writing flames. {huggles}
Yes, this was brought on by a review that I considered a bit spiteful. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, obviously, and you can learn so much from reviews. But flamers can ruin a writer. You should see some of the e mails I received when this story was posted.

03/12/2006 10:09 am
I'm all for the good reviews. This was very well done. Spike's protectiveness was wonderfully written.

03/10/2006 11:51 pm
I thought this was terrible! Just kidding...but can I still have Spike hunt me down?? Please?? Pretty please with sugar on top??
LOL! This is a good example of how one bad reviewer can discourage a great talent!
Yup, I’ll send him straight over!

Fectching Mad Scientist
03/08/2006 07:15 pm
Loved this story! It's my feeling- if you don't like a story, and don't have anything constructive to say- don't post a review! Besides, you never know who could be watching. (Spike can dish out that kind of justice for me anytime! )
You’ve summed it up exactly. Constructive is the word. So much is just bitching.

Fetching Mad Scientist
03/08/2006 07:07 pm
I loved this story! It's my feeling- if you don't like a story, and don't have something constructive to say- don't post a review! Besides, you never know who could be watching. (Spike can dish out that kind of justice for me anytime! )
Thanks for reviewing. I agree with everything you say.

03/08/2006 05:24 am
Brilliant! You have a fantastic imagination. Never stop writing.
Thank you - your opinion matters a lot to me.

03/08/2006 04:55 am
Thank you. A friend of mine linked me to this when somebody gave me a cold cruel review (She clled my OC a whore)- it really helped as much as she hoped.
Hi Jessa, glad the story helped. I’m sure, like me, you accept constructive reviews, but not out and out flaming.

03/07/2006 12:47 pm
Ooh, poetic justice. I'm sure that there are some out there who displace anger meant for others in reviews and such. Great job.
Thank you. Quite agree with what you say.

03/07/2006 07:55 am
AAARGHH you have to update!!!!! please...? its so good..

03/07/2006 01:11 am
Oooh, I loved that!

03/07/2006 12:18 am
Very nicely done

03/06/2006 10:29 pm
absolutely lovely. those who lack talent can inspire those blessed with it. thanks for the fun read.

03/06/2006 09:49 pm
Now... would this "girl" by chance be Sara? *grin* LOVED IT!

03/06/2006 07:58 pm
Oooo lovely! I think that little twit has had a go at one or more of my stories *G*. So good of Spike to teach her some manners. LOL

Aside from that, love your Spike and Dawn bond. He loved her for herself apart from Buffy and you've captured that here quite well.

You have also hit the nail on the head with the motives of SOME "reviewers" whose only desire is to appear superior when they themselves don't even write. They sit and gleefully tear into other people's dreams, fantasies and feelings.

excellent Fic sweetie

Thank you for lovely review. It cheers me up to know other people feel the same about flaming reviewers

03/06/2006 07:26 pm

03/06/2006 04:27 pm
Excellent. So glad Spike was there for Dawn.

03/06/2006 04:19 pm
rofl! woo hoo! get 'er Spike!

03/06/2006 03:59 pm
Grin loved it all fixed - you may want to remove "tonight" in that sentence but it works - Joss's rules say that the school was fair game... Vamps could always get in as evidenced by school hard, etc. Fabalicious story ... is it bad to want the graphic torture scene? LOL Love this ficcie!

03/06/2006 03:55 pm
Is that a warning for us? If we leave a bad review, are you going to send Spike after us? lol
Loved the story! It was really cute!
Thanks for reviewing. No, I am quite tough enough to take bad reviews - quite often they are valid in what they say, that is the whole point of reviews - it is the ones that are mean I dislike a lot.

03/06/2006 03:53 pm
Go, Spike! Scare the crap out of the little b****. He knows all too well how much it hurts for someone to be so cruel when you've poured your soul into words.
He certainly does.

03/06/2006 03:42 pm
sniff my meanie of a husband who was reading this asked how Spike got in... Now I explained all the facts about mothers inviting people in but he is making me point it out. LMAO I still am printing this out and framing it... lol LOL I will have to find a category to put this in for round 3 of fang... round 2 is all full up - so expect an email around April 21st. LOL - what I hate flamers growls - whole reason that I left SR ... just such mean people!
Will sort out problem. Would love to be in any round of Fang. Just to be nominated for an award would be awesome.

03/06/2006 03:30 pm
LMAo - I loved this ... loved it... loved it... lol if onl I could send Spike after my flamers... what an absolulutly adorable ficcie!
Wow, so much response to my little vengeance plot. Pleased so many people like it.

03/06/2006 03:14 pm
Positively delicious!!!!! *clapping* Think twice evil flamers! Think twice.
Or even 3 times! Thanks for nice review

03/06/2006 03:08 pm

03/06/2006 02:57 pm this...your vengeance is complete
Am feeling guiltily naughty!

03/06/2006 02:51 pm
**is ded from laffing**
please don’t die.