Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 16 - Painting

05/17/2006 07:10 pm
darla's motives may be selfish, but i love her in this chapter....so glad she helped them...poor spike....

03/07/2006 09:27 am
Hmm are we going to find out what the PTB's want with them? It was stated in the summary about that so I'm just wondering when that will come into play and how. Nice chapter can't wait to read more.
Thanks. the next chapter should reveal what the PTB will have in mind, though things might be cryptic in their eyes.

03/07/2006 07:22 am
dru bringing darla to spike's aid? what a twist. i'm certain the reason will not be pleasant for spike. great read, thanks
Thanks. As for the reason... actually it won't be that bad for Spike.

03/07/2006 06:34 am
Hard to imagine that Spike and Sera were saved by Darla. Drusilla is still nuts and no help to anybody at all. More story please.
Yeah, Darla is a bit maternal here... though there is something that's driving her to be protective of Spike and Sera

03/07/2006 04:54 am
ooohhhh grrrrr, i hope Angelus comes to a very painful end!!
Haven't thought about it yet, but I'll try to make it fitting... I hope.