Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Lost.

09/10/2006 12:31 am
oh's jonathan? i find myself already hoping that when it comes to it, they can get him out, rather than hurt him...great chapter, pet
Yes, Jonathon is in this story as well. I'm going to be using a lot of little characters in this fic, hopefully it will make it interesting. Thanks for the review!

09/06/2006 01:25 pm
ohhh very intriging - i am enjoying this and am wondering how everyhthing has changed - lovely lovely story
Thanks Steph! I'm so happy you're liking it.

07/11/2006 11:03 am
Jonathan? eep
Yes, Jonathon. *grins*

06/10/2006 08:23 am
Yes it does! so the little weasel's chosen his side. With all the wackiness... it must be Tuesday! Another good chappie. Thanks.
It must be. LOL

05/28/2006 12:11 am
Heehee, Dave! I heart Dave. And ZOMG Jonathon! Little weasel. The plot thickens, indeed…
I heart Dave too. He's fun. LOL. And yes, Jonathon! The plot thickens and will continue to do so for some time.

03/10/2006 07:43 pm
great chapter

03/10/2006 07:21 pm
Sirk is an interesting development. Will Willow help Buffy come out of her trance? More story please.
Thank you, I'm glad you think so. More will be up soon.

03/10/2006 08:13 am
I can't wait to see where this new development is going. I enjoy your story and am looking forward to reading more.
Thank you for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying the fic, more will be up soon.

03/10/2006 05:47 am
An apt title for this chapter indeed. Reminds of that line from the Halloween episode "poor lost little lamb". Will the Guardians be able to help her, who are they sending to her, can or will Willow help reach her, and what of Spike during all this? Thoroughly fascinating reading - please update soon!
Thank you. As for your questions, you'll find answers in the coming chapters. I can't say much more than that without giving away secrets. I'm so thrilled you're enjoying it.

03/10/2006 05:23 am
This just gets more and more interesting.
Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

03/10/2006 04:07 am
I'm really enjoying how this story is evolving. Looking forward to more.
Thanks Kyra, I'm glad you're enjoying how the fic and it's plot is unfolding.

More will be up soon.

03/10/2006 03:55 am
another player in this AU, and the guardians try to fix their problem. at least spike is consistent. very good read. thanks
Yes, another player. I hope it doesn't become confusing! The Guardians are going to try their best to fix the problem, yes.

I'm glad you found Spike consistent. More will be up soon.