Out of the Shadows by Aurora
Chapter: Chapter One- The Encroaching Darkness

05/26/2010 10:59 pm
I was so intrigued by the premise of your plot, "what if...".  I love it when writers use their creativity like that.  But I was hesitant to read it since I didn't find it until 2010 and feared that since you started it in 2005 it was abandoned.  Now that I see you are still updating, I am diving right in to read it!

10/20/2006 05:42 am
Wow, this Buffy's afraid? That's never a good thing. So glad that Spike's got her back. Glad that Dawn's forgave Spike and Willow seems to be right there with her. A great beginning, thanks.

03/12/2006 05:45 pm
very interesting beginning...on to the next chapter now

11/11/2005 02:46 am
Love this story! Absolutly love it. I can't believe how sweet Buffy and Spike are being to each other, and it makes me hate Joss even more for not doing it this way. I can't wait to read what happens next, 'cuz it's so nice to find fics with good plot and good writing, like this one.

09/27/2005 08:07 pm
I'm so thoroughly enjoying this rewrite of S7. If only it had been like that. Really interesting prophecy coming up. I like how you've uncovered secrets in a different manner from the show. Also, the Spuffy romance is just too good.

09/27/2005 08:06 pm
I want more! Darn that was very very good and I am really intrigued. Thanks for the good read and please update soon.

09/27/2005 08:05 pm
Another very strong chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next. Because it's certain that Robin is going to try 'something'.

09/27/2005 08:04 pm
Thanks for the update. As usual, I worry about Buffy's ability to maintain herself in the face of opposition from her so-called friends and watcher. More soon please.

09/27/2005 08:03 pm
Love the new update. I just hope they can figure it all out before the craziness shows up on their doorstep. I am just glad that Giles seems open. I mean he did have a heads up since the coven did give him a heads up.

09/27/2005 08:02 pm
Good story; hope you continue it soon. Like the slightly AU version of the battle with the First.

09/27/2005 08:01 pm
I love this story. I sincerely hope to see more, but believe me I understand about time issues.