Loves Lost by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Three

11/13/2007 04:39 am
*grumbles at Giles* He really does need to get a clue.

Uh oh... Ethan. That can't be good.
Nope - very not good

01/14/2007 08:28 am
A trap for Giles no doubt. Stupid, stupid Buffy. Now she'll pay the price as well as her watcher. Didn't think they'd be working together, nice twist. Definately not canon. Excellent read, thanks.

06/28/2006 07:02 pm
You know, no one has ever explained that little plot glitch in the Whedonverse. If Angel didn't love Buffy without a soul, just how could Spike love Drusilla for a 100+ years. And you can't argue that it wasn't love, because as you've clearly stated here, Spike laid his unlife on the line more than once to save her. . .

I do like Giles' response to her though, when she asks "what's wrong with me?"

Thanks - yeah, they never did explain how Buffy could use Spike's feelings for Dru to save a room full of humans and yet, when she had him, she could insist that he couldn't love her because he didn't have a soul.

Giles gets to be cool here - because he's such a git later on. lol

06/06/2006 09:13 pm
growls at ethan - you really know how to write an evil ethan and good giles - excellant portrayal of characters!

05/22/2006 07:37 am
Did the child get away? A bit of a mystery I suppose. Poor girl, a dark thing all of Ethan's magic. Great chapter.

05/21/2006 07:59 pm
I really liked the question Buffy posed to Giles about Spike's ability to love, and although he didn't have a proper response I like how he tried to tell her that Angelus’s reaction to her wasn’t because of her. As for what’s going on with Ethan and Angelus working together, I’m just really glad I don’t have to wait for the next chapter.
Nope - that's the great thing about finished fics - it's all there. Thanks for the regular reviews.

03/23/2006 05:56 am
ACK!!! I guess this will help Buffy's IQ rise somewhat. Unfortunate it will take such horror for the result. Good to know she's still being fed full of BS by Giles and the Wankers' Council programming. I can tell this is not a nice story but I want more please.
Not a nice story, unfortunately, but the important people survive.

03/23/2006 05:19 am
compelling start. looking forward to more. thanks for the fine read
thanks. more soon.

03/23/2006 05:09 am
oh god no! *hides eyes again* i'm such a to open eyes for next chapter!
LOL It gets worse before it gets better...

03/23/2006 04:16 am
Please, give me more!!!!
More coming soon.

03/23/2006 03:51 am
oh no.....i hope maybe she and spike can manage to somehow work together to defeat angelus...great, great story so far, loving it
Thanks - hope you continue to like it.

03/23/2006 03:48 am
Bad Ethan. Bad, Bad Ethan. Great chappy.
Ethan is a sleeze-ball.