Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Recruiting.

09/10/2006 12:42 am
wow...that sequence was done very well...i loved it, great job
Thanks! I have a LOT of fun writing this story and am thrilled to hear that people are enjoying it. Thanks for the review.

09/06/2006 01:31 pm
poor buffy - i wonder if willow will figure out how to help! Very good chapter!
Thanks for the review sweetie, glad you liked the chapter.

07/11/2006 11:40 am
ohhhhhhhhh *covers eyes*
I'm so glad you're getting in to this story!

06/10/2006 09:03 am
So another slayers got the hots for Spike but who could blame her? Loved the visual of the creepy circus. Where's the Xan man? Is he showing up anytime soon? (FYI: Spike can't meet anyone's gaze through a mirror, can't see his eyeballs or anything else.) Other than that...this is becoming an awesome, but sad story. *hugs* to you.
Yes, another Slayer wants Spike. Gotta give the girl credit, she has eyes! LOL. I'm glad you liked the visual with the circus. And dammit! I'm normally uber careful with things like that and I can't believe I made such an obvious mistake! Will be sure to correct that.

05/30/2006 02:25 am
Also: Hmmm… Old acquaintance, eh? Wonder who that could be… And damn, Malena’s hot!! But can’t hold a candle to Buffy, not for our Spike. *pets Malena* Plus, she’s a bitch. But I do feel for her—unrequited love sucks. Umm…question, though. How can Malena see Buffy in Spike’s lap in the rear-view mirror? *cocks head* And what happened to Xander?? *bites nails*
Yes, who COULD that be. LOL. I'm also glad you think Malena is hot - I wanted a little competition (in Buffy's mind) and I think she'll fit that well. She is a bitch though, isn't she?! LOL. And crap! I'm super careful with things like reflections, don't know how I missed that! As for Xander... you'll have to read on!

05/30/2006 02:23 am
OMG, your trip through Buffy’s mind is so poignant and heartbreaking! Gah, the torture of it all! I’m so impressed at your choices of scenes to replay in Buffy’s mind—they really hit home. Masterfully done!
Thank you! I was aiming for a little tug at the heart-strings so glad it was felt! Masterfully though... *blushes* You're going to make my ego swell!

03/27/2006 07:09 am
good update. willow is going to need therapy after visiting this buffy's mind. thanks for the read.
Yeah, she might! LOL. Glad you liked it.

03/27/2006 06:00 am
WTF is going on in Buffy's psyche? Will Red figure out that this is the wrong Buffy stuck here? More of this confusing story please.
WTF is going on in Buffy's head? Hopefully the next two chapters will answer that for you. And your question about Willow. More will be up soon!

03/27/2006 04:01 am
Squee! New chappie!
Yes, LOL! I'm taking from the squee that you liked it?

03/27/2006 03:16 am
Brilliant work! I cannot wait to read more!
Thanks you for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the update! More will be up soon.