Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Deserted.

09/10/2006 12:49 am
so maybe that's why buffy in this world became so hard so much earlier...hmmm....interesting chapter, pet
Yes, maybe it is. *zips lips* Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

09/06/2006 01:35 pm
oh very nice twists. Joyce the vampire i loved it! Great chapter!
Yes, lots of twists in this story. Thanks for the review.

07/11/2006 11:51 am
what the bloody hell??

06/10/2006 09:27 am
Holy Crap! this is freakin great! Willow's going to need to take some of Tara's meds and Spike going in to help...Brilliant! Megan and your "sisters" must be so proud of you!
Willow taking Tara's meds... huh, didn't think of that one! Glad you liked the chapter. Megan betas this fic for me and I know she enjoys it. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback!

05/30/2006 02:25 am
And the masterfulness continues—this trip through Buffy’s head has me totally sucked in—you’ve really bumped it up a notch with these last couple of chaps. The twist with the white room and the capsules had me floored, and broke my heart at the same time. And Spike’s experiences in her mind are so touching! But dude! Joyce!! See, now I know you’re just entertaining yourself, toying with all of our heads/emotions. And you killed Angel, too! Will it ever end??
I'm never going to get used to hearing that word - masterfullness. Gah! I'm SOOOO glad I've sucked you into the plot, I was hoping people would like this story! Glad you think it's improve plot wise over the last couple of chapters! The white capsules bit was hard to write so to hear it got the reaction I was after is great for my confidence. And yes, Joyce and Angel are dead. I am being totally evil with the body count in this fic! Glad you liked the chapter sweets.

04/01/2006 03:45 am
You're certainly enjoying our annoyance and irritation aren't you? Can Spike get her out of her doppleganger's head?
Yes I am! Evil of me, huh? LOL. Next chapter will be up soon.

04/01/2006 03:14 am
oh dear i have to wonder what is going to happen to buffy. if she will be able to stay believing in her truth or not
Well, you'll find out soon enough when the next chapter goes up, won't you? *grins* Thanks for the review.

03/31/2006 11:11 pm
vamp joyce would have been interesting. spike is going to need help when he gets out of this buffy's mind. good read. thanks
Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

03/31/2006 04:52 pm
SHE WAS WHAT????....!"#¤%& the bleedin hell did that happen...explain missy!!...anyway that one blew my socks of...i love it when that happens hehe...good chapter...keep it up
You'll get explanations in the next chapter, which is coming soon! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter so much. Thanks very much for the review!

just sue
03/31/2006 03:45 pm
Joyce is/was a vampire! And how on earth did that happen? That's so not gonna make poor Buffy feel any better - you know that, right? *gulps*

Will be waiting for more with the fingers tapping - think of my poor nails and make it soon. Please? Thanks ever so, hun. Brills chapter. *hugs* xxx
Yes, Joyce was vamped! It's really simple actually. You see... a vampire bites you and then nearly drains your blood, then you drink their blood and... *grins mischievously*

Buffy is definitely not going to be alright with this. I've been writing more the last few days so I hope you like what happens next!