Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
Chapter: 21 - Had to Do

05/17/2006 07:21 pm
so now they're on their own....i'm glad, the others were getting to be a bit much to bear...excellent chapter, goin on to the next now

04/19/2006 07:37 am
love the update. why do i anticipate things to be much more difficult for spike? thanks for the fine read.
Because I'm an evil author and I do bad things to Spike...

04/19/2006 07:14 am
Ohhhhhhh, that is soooo SWEET
Thank you.

04/19/2006 05:26 am
I'm glad he found her but I fear he will wake up to a big pile of dust because Darla or one of the other "family" members will stake her in her sleep.
Well they'll be leaving the family now.