Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 1

Just another Reader
07/08/2011 09:56 pm
No idea if you're still reading reviews to that story, but I simply had to state just how much I love this story. This is about the fifth time I've read it.
I love the way you write Spike in all of your stories. The show didn't do him enough justice. You do, however. You point out just how unique that vampire is. No soul needed.

Anyway, that was a general comment... Let's get to this chapter. The beginning is very interesting and makes me want to continue immediately (probably the main reason why I've only decided to review just now).
Then the heartbreaking goodbye... I agree with you. Spike cherished that woman, he loved her, probably thought of his own mother sometimes. There was a deep friendship between those two and I missed those moments at some point in season five. And god, what would I have given if they'd brought her up in season four with newlychipped!Spike! Wouldn't have been half-starved if Joyce had been present.

 "Not fair, ducks. I died a century ago and still standin’ here, worthless as ever. You had too many good years ahead of you to be in the ground permanent like."

This sentence nearly made me cry. I cherish your writing especially for amazing comments such as this one. Beautiful, heartbreaking and very "to the point" because for all his displayed arrogance, Spike didn't think much of himself.
How did I miss this review?  You've made my day!

I am so happy you enjoy the story and to know it holds up well enough for rereading is awesome.  I am also happy that we see the same things in Spike.  He was so very different and mostly because of his deep ability to love and sacrifice even before the soul.  Yes, he didn't think well of himself, not as a human and not as a vampire IMHO.  That is one reason he accepted being second best to Dru and Buffy's bad treatment...he didn't feel he deserved better.  You could also see it every time his feelings were hurt (and they were often) by the Scoobies.  You'd see it flash in his face just before he'd say something that would "prove" to them just how terrible he really was.

Again, thank you so much for the lovely surprise of a review that cannot do anything less than delight me and encourage me to keep writing.


03/01/2008 01:23 pm
 Spike's goodbye to made me cry!This was fascinating!Loved the chapter!
Thank you.  I wanted to give him the chance they didn't on the show.  He and Joyce had a relationship and he wasn't allowed to say goodbye.   K

04/09/2007 07:14 pm
wow...that conversation just about had me in very sad and sweet...i'm loving this story so far, love, can't wait to read more, i'm sure it's going to be wonderful throughout
Thank you! I am hoping my muse returns this week so I can finally finish this one. I was on a roll then RL gave too many speedbumps. See why I so admire your writing ethic *G*. Glad you are enjoying. It WILL be completed before this month is out, I vow it.


09/15/2006 12:20 am
great start. thank you. really enjoyed spike "conversation" with joyce.

08/15/2006 01:05 pm
What a great beginning to a story! I am really enjoying this start and think it is quite excellant! I can't wait to see how you twist this world. Great writing!

06/19/2006 09:40 pm
Great start. The part where Spike is talking to Joyce on her grave was emotional. I'm enjoying this and I'm glad I started reading it.
So glad you are enjoying. Thanks for the feedback. I always thought Spike said his goodbyes to Joyce.


05/14/2006 11:20 pm
Angel appeared to be offering his brand of hit and run cold comfort to the grieving girl - Boy you just have to hate this guy, don't you. Interesting start, and excellent Spike. Can't wait to see where you go.
Thank you. Yes, Angel has many traits that are just as destructive as Angelus. K

05/03/2006 10:40 pm
beautiful start. And wee! I get to go read more!! hot damn! *rushes to the next chapter*
Thank you. K

04/30/2006 06:55 am
Angel appeared to be offering his brand of hit and run cold comfort to the grieving girl. LOVED this line. Off to a great start, Kathleen. So glad to ahev three more chapters to read now!
Delighted you like it. Yup, Angel pop in and out leaving a mess in his wake.


04/27/2006 09:15 am
Spike's talk with Joyce was beautiful. I don't think any of them ever realized how much Joyce really ment to him.
Joyce always treated him fairly based on what he was and did in the present not the past. I think he respected that and cherished the friendship. K