Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 3

03/01/2008 07:03 pm
I enjoyed every word there,love! Beautiful is what it is.
Thank you!  k

04/18/2007 06:40 pm
awww, i think william's mom is going to be quite a good thing for buffy and dawn..and xander's starting to make me mad....i was just thinking, some giles/anne might be nice... great chapter, love
I want Anne to be a catalyst to change in the dynamic. Funny how many people (even my lovely beta) want some Giles/Anne connection *G*. Thanks..k

09/30/2006 02:30 pm
Kathleen, really loving this. Witty, charming, sweet and silly Xander working his way toward a bitch slap. Very much eager to see why things have happened the way they have and to see Buffy loosen up a little more and give Spike the chance he always deserved!

08/15/2006 01:35 pm
Wow great chapter - I love how you have including Spike's mom in this story. Excellant fiction and use of character! I adore it!

05/14/2006 11:42 pm
Great Spike's mom character. Presume she's going to continue to embarrass Spike to the max. Hope she doesn't quote any of his poetry. There's only so much your devoted readers can be expected to take.
Snicker...thank you. K

05/13/2006 07:29 pm
You are doing well with the mother-son relationship. Their conversation sounds very much like the way I remember it in Lies My Parents Told Me. I also am enjoying the way Anne is so protective of Spike. I am very curious as to know how this will end. Sadly, I can't think of it ending happily for Anne, but who knows.
Don't give up on Anne...I love a happy ending after all. Thanks. K

05/03/2006 10:59 pm
Oh wow, I am sooo loving this fic!!! It's adorable!
Glad you are likeing it. Gonna be a different season 5 that's for sure. K

04/27/2006 08:08 pm
love the chapter. surprised by buffy, annoyed by xander. enjoying the tale. thanks for the read
Thank you. Hope to offer moer surprises and enjoyment as it goes along. K

04/27/2006 09:53 am
I loved how Mrs. Pratt treated Xander, and how accurate she was in her description of him as well as in her comparison of him to Spike. Tara is so great, I love how she is able to help keep thing somewhat calm and under control.
If William had been my son I would have smacked Xander but Anne is too much the lady!

Tara was such an earth mother on the show....a calm in the eye of the storm.

Thank you. K