Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 4

03/01/2008 07:32 pm
Cute,nice doctor Ben...*snorts*  That girl is too blind to see the cutest,the nicest and the most bleached one before her eyes...

I loved the chapter,and I absolutely love the whole theme. Thank you for writing it
Thank you forour kind reviews.  Yes...Buffy is pretty blind isn't she?  I can't imagine not accepting Spike's love!   k

04/23/2007 05:50 pm
oh man...the last person they need involved is ben glad giles is at least somewhat in spike's corner on this...another excellent chapter, love, on to the next
Thanks k

04/14/2007 06:38 pm
"Mom’s in heaven. Leave her there. Nothing would be worse than to be pulled from a place like that just because we still felt like we needed her."

Bloody Brilliant, that is.
Thank you! Kathleen

09/30/2006 02:46 pm
And cue Ben....dum dum dum.... Love that Giles is seeing Spike in a new light.

09/14/2006 11:50 pm
Neatly done! You are so clever!

08/15/2006 01:43 pm
Lovely chapter -I love how Giles is trying to come to terms with Spike's emotional nature - very well done!

05/12/2006 09:38 pm
I'm really enjoying this story, but why is Buffy suddenly using British swear words?
I was confused and reread to find what you might mean. If you refer to the "bloody victim" I was meaning that in the literal sense rather than a swear word. I can see how you might see it as a case of swearing however.

Glad you are enjoying the story.


05/03/2006 11:09 pm
I just love when Giles 'sees' more to Spike than meets the eye. Wahhhh, only one more chapter left...
I believe Giles always did but chose to ignore it consciously. There'll be a new chapter next week. So glad you are enjoying this one.


04/29/2006 12:23 am
Oh yeah, damn good story idea
Thank you! I think it's fresh ground so I'm going to have fun digging in it. K

04/27/2006 09:09 pm
I love this idea. I love what you have done so far and I so need more. I'll be patient I promise.
This WAS going to be for seasonal_spuffy on the LJ but I just KNEW it wouldn't get done in time *G*. I am going to update at least once a week though. So glad you like the idea, hope you enjoy what I do with it!!!


04/27/2006 08:19 pm
fine tale. thanks for the read
You're welcome...thank YOU. K

Pulchra Nex
04/27/2006 07:17 pm
wow! I love this story! It's so original! I've never even heard of a story like this... allthough that could be because I just never listen...
I think I'm the first to bring Anne to the present but I could be wrong. So glad you are enjoying it. K

04/27/2006 12:40 pm
I just read the story up to now and I absolutely loved it. Please update soon. I like the idea of Spikes mother in season 5 very, very much!!!!
Thank you! Plan to update weekly (possibly more often on a good week *G*). I believe Anne will really shake things up. K

04/27/2006 10:11 am
Spike's story of is mother's death is always heartbreaking, and this time was no different. You wrote him telling Giles about it in such a way that I could feel his pain. This is really an excellent story and I am looking forward to following it.
Oh yes, my heart broke for Spike when they showed that tragic choice he made. His best intentions became his biggest hurt.

Thank you for the high compliment. To evoke empathy is an achievement, glad I managed it.


04/26/2006 10:57 pm
oh this is wonderful! I'm so loving this premise. Having Anne interact with the Scoobies -- giggling over her reaction to Xander. Willow's still a worry though. I hope Anne heals not only Spike but the Summers as well.
Thank you! Yes, Willow showed some dicey attitudes way back actually. I plan for Anne to be the catalyst to many an insight while remembering S5 canon along the way. I hope it gells like I am thinking it can. Thanks again! K