Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 5

03/01/2008 07:52 pm
Aww,Spike is in the mercy of Willow!  Poor him!

Enjoyed it all
Willow isn't too bad though.  Thank you.  k

07/17/2007 11:37 pm
Glad to have found this fic. It's nice to see Willow being helpful and sympathetic to Spike for once - and adding the BuffyBot here is simply hilarious. Great twists and turns so far - very good read.
Thank you. So glad you are enjoying this. I think Willow was much softer with Tara in her life and she would have been more ready to accept Spike given the right circumstances. Thanks again. k

04/23/2007 05:57 pm
lol...good for willow, being nice about it...i always thought the bot was one of the things spike actually did to *deserve* buffy's trademark punches in the nose lol...still, glad he's got some help to fix the problem before things get bad...oh, and i just remembered they've still got glory to deal with *sigh*, and what's poor little dawnie been up to? has she even left her room yet? off to read more
Yes Buffy had reason for a bop over the bot but then again just a couple of weeks earlier they had ALL understood Warren's loneliness that led to April. Funny how they couldn't understand Spike's. As always any error on his part is call for smack down. K

09/30/2006 03:00 pm
Very intriguing. Willow is far from my favourite character, but she's put to good use here. And poor, guilt-ridden Spike. Oh well, hopefully Buffy gives him some affection soon.

08/15/2006 01:48 pm
Excellant chapter! I love how you dealt with the bot - very adorable and actually really good idea for them! Love the story so far!

05/08/2006 01:30 pm
haha.. great lol aww i wonder if spikes mum can get a msn account LOL this is excellent!!
Glad you're enjoying it. I think Anne is up for most anything...she accepted the whole "my son is a vampire" issue quite well after all *G*. K

05/06/2006 08:31 am
I'm finally getting a chance to play catch up on some reading. I love this fic so far... the interactions between the characters (especially Spike and his mother) are wonderful.

I love the premise of this fic... have read a few fics where Buffy and Spike go back to his past but I don't believe I have come across one where Spike's mum comes to the future before. Really enjoying it and looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you.
Thanks! I am hoping to use Anne as a catalyst for a lot of revelations while weaving with canon S5. No one like a mother to show the person their child really is! K

05/04/2006 11:36 am
Great chapter. Loved the Buffybot and Spike´s obvious problems. Please update soon. Can´t wait to see how Buffy reacts when she finds out about the Buffybot... if she does...
Oh she'll find out...just in a nicer way than on the show. I will update weekly on this one. Thank you! K

05/04/2006 08:58 am
Interesting start. Very much looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of Spike's relationship with his mother. Can't wait for more.
Everyone is going to have to reevaluate Spike completely based on what they see and can't deny. He won't be as eager to bluff with his mom there to see it either (and she will be more than able to cut through his smoke and mirrors for that matter). Thank you. K

05/04/2006 06:54 am
I do love the Buffybot! Maybe she can be helpful with Spike's mom, show her around town and guard her. This is a fab story. More please.
Thanks! Yes the Bot will have her uses (unlike the one Spike had in mind). More coming. K

05/04/2006 06:28 am
very entertaining update. spike's mom on the internet, spike, giles and xander's wardrobe trashed and the bot. fun read thanks.
Thank you...lots of fun to come. K

05/04/2006 01:45 am
I love that Anne likes the computer, and how excited she is about it. I enjoyed the discussion about the boy's wardrobes, and I loved the inclusion of the Buffybot. This chapter was a fun ride. Thanks for the update.
I thought of my own mother...much older than Anne would have been. When mom was 76 she got a PC and enrolled at a community college taking courses in computer basics and programming for PC's....I think Anne would have been a bit like that. Thanks K

05/04/2006 12:10 am
I completely forgot about the bot! lmao! This is perfect! Oh my goodness Willow has gotten Anne a yahoo acct. That's rich. Plus, the conversation about the guy's clothing was priceless...yes, Spike's duster & clothes are like Superman's blue tights! lol
Lots of S5 goodies to come in time. I can just see Anne becoming a net addict actually. Yup, Spike had his body armor to protect him from the start (hey, even the name Spike was a mask IMHO). He was no whimp, but he did have to guard the sensitive bits to survive. Thanks K

05/03/2006 11:51 pm
LMAO, pooooooor Spike
Yup.....he's gonna have to tap dance a bit. Good thing he's a great dancer. K

05/03/2006 11:14 pm
ut oh, the Buffy bot... Thank goodness Willow isn't giving him a hard time!!
I think Willow actually understood about the bot (and was fascinated by the technology too). Thanks k